Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Digital Illustration, Octavio Perez

Basically an introductory course on a few different digital illustration programs, it was a fun class! :)

The first project was in Adobe Illustrator and basically a way to teach you how to use the pen tool.  We were assigned to create 3 icons that fit within 2 inch squares:

The second assignment was also in Adobe Illustrator and we were to basically assigned to make a portrait of anyone really using vectors and simplified shapes, the source just needed good lighting. Obviously I chose to do a portrait of Mark Hamill portraying Luke Skywalker.

The third assignment was a character concept sheet intended to be an introduction to Adobe Photoshop, I chose to do a sort of military-style mech tank hybrid... I think it turned out alright!  I plan on doing a little work on creating a little more high-tech weaponry instead of using standard military issue and enlarging it.

...And fourth assignment was another Photoshop exercise where we were supposed to do a book cover or a cover and the back of any book of our choosing.  I chose Robert A. Heinlein's Starship Troopers.

The fifth assignment was an introduction to Corel Painter, a program I am definitely not a fan of.  We were assigned to do some sort of landscape either from a photograph or a concept environment.  I made this one up entirely without reference. :)
Initial Thumb:
The final assignment was completely open, by the end of the semester I was looking to do something a little different, so I did a piece inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, I did the drawing in Photoshop, and did the line art and vectors in Illustrator.

Illustration II Spring Semester, Mike Hodges

Well I apologize for not posting anything in like the last 5 months, but here's a bunch of stuff!

Our first assignment of the spring semester was to create a full page illustration based on any article of our choosing.  I chose to do an article outlying the uses of a new build-it-yourself open source 3D printer by the masterminds at MakerBot Industries.

Second assignment was an open assignment and I chose to do a character concept package for a game of movie based on J.R.R Tolkien's The Hobbit.

 Our third assignment was called "Entitlements" where we were given a list of different choices and supposed to pick 1 or 2 and create an illustration based on it.  I chose "Wanderer" and here's my interpretation:
 Rough Thumbnail:

Fourth assignment was similar but we were constrained into  everyone having to use the title "Facade," this piece was more of a practice in doing matte painting.  I'm not entirely satisfied with it, but I was trying to depict a landscape that was crumbling away due to alien refinery buildings with cloaking devices.
 Rough Thumbnail:

The final project was an entirely open assignment, and I figured I would take the opportunity to participate in the Dominance War again.  I finished this character sheet while I was still pretty into it but then as soon as summer hit I lost motivation for the final illustration, oh well... it wasn't a complete lose I still have a character I can use in the future!